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With a passion for fine gemstones and
an inclination for rigid simplicity, Parisian designer Michel Ermelin has created what he describes as the new classicism of high jewellery — one-of-kind pieces that have helped redifine the design boundaries of French jewellery.

Creating under the brand Verney, which he launched in 1980 in Place Vendôme, Michel won his design struggle to put exquisite gemstones at centre stage in each jewel when he decided to use black gold to make the settings disappear, a controversial decision at the time.

It is this contrast between the colourful gemstones and the understated setting
that defines a Verney piece. “My design intention and the sole purpose of each piece is to generate an emotion,” shares Michel. Although simplicity is his mantra, the techniques used to achieve his structured 

simplicity are extremely complex, often incorporating delightful surprise elements, engineered suppleness, and exquisite movement. Among his favourites is a brooch of carved jade leaves delicately contrasted with a fine black gold stem set with tiny emerald highlights.

Michel is pleased that his pieces encourage his clients to invent an image that is entirely their own. “Women in the 21st century want
to ‘invent’ their look, creating their image with selected accessories. We embrace this spirit and create jewels just for them.”